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Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter-- walkthrough?

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  • Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter-- walkthrough?

    I was wondering if anyone has any walkthrough info for Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter ? i have been wandering the gokubuto forest for 15 hours.did anyone get any cheat codes ?
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    Re: Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter-- walkthrough?

    There are no walthroughs for this game.

    But, here are some directions for the forest. (You're not the only one that had trouble getting through this part.)

    From the entrance (Press start to center the camera), go straight and then take a left. (Press start to center the camera) Then go Northwest until you see the markers. After going through that, go NW until you see a straight path of trees, follow that path until you reach a fork in the path. Take the right (eastern most) path, follow that until to see another eastern path (You'll see more markers), go trough them and keep going straight forward, then you'll reach the Bandit's Hideout.

    If this don't workout for you, please send me a copy of your save file and I'll help you out.
    As for cheat codes, you'll find most of them in part 2. The only one you'll find in the part is a Bank Code.
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      Re: Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter-- walkthrough?

      awesome, thanks. i cannot belive that it was so easy. i'm is dumb.