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Update Topic of Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter(No More Updates)

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  • Update Topic of Light Warrior: Yuji the Fighter(No More Updates)

    Here's where I'll be putting updates for Light Warrior.

    Feel free to comment on things that catch your eye.
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    Game update 2-5-05

    I've re-done some things in both game files.
    For those that have tried the recent demo, I'm going to release a better version very soon, hopefully by the end of this weekend.

    If anyone has free time, I would like someone to test-play the First Half to Light Warrior.
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      Re: Update Topic

      I've made the next part of the game.

      This part shows the final battle between Shinzo Koseken and the Xiang-Kai army.
      You even get to control him and his awsome Martial Arts moves.

      I still need Test playersfor the First part of Light Warrior.

      Those who I've asked before, please re post to confirm and I'll send you the file.


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        Finished a big part of the story.
        New Feature goning to be added

        The Emotion System:
        I was thinking of this for a long time, and I've seen this in other games, so I think I'll try it out. To give the characters a bit more personality, and for you to get the chance of finding out more about them and interact with them using Yuji, I'm now implemeting the Emotion System. Depending on your pacts with the party members, you can:
        -Get them to Help you out during some battle missions
        -Look at secret scenes inside the main events (Like an extra convo).
        -Teach the other members your moves and get some move and chi magic from them.
        (Note: Emotion System subject to change depending on time.)

        Dating [Name revmoved for spoiler perposes]:
        You'll be able to date a certain party member and this will affect an additional ending coupled with the 3 you can earn.
        This isn't your normal "be nice to her" dating game. This game will feature some parts in which you'll have to get a bit mean. ^_~
        You'll get a certain amount of dates, make 'em count.


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          Well, I have some bad news, my Keyboard has just died on me.
          I don't know when I'll be able to get a new one.
          I'm working on getting a USB converter so I can use my PC keyboard instead.

          Light Warrior is halted for now.


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            Re: Update

            go to compUSA, office max, places like that. I've seen basic USB keyboards for as little as 8 dollars.


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              Re: Update Topic

              Thanks, Valk, I'll try those places, I was thinking of going to RadiShack, But, I'll try OfficeMax


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                Re: Update Topic

                Well, I've got a new keyboard, I'll be getting back to work today.


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                  -Got past next part.

                  -Did some tweaks with the battle system
                  -Made a new dungeon

                  About to work on:
                  -Next town (this town will let you participate in the battle arenas).

                  Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while.
                  I had to pull my grades up a bit, still do.


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                    Re: Update Topic


                    Nothing yet.

                    Fixed and re-tested some past events.

                    My Max Drive's PS2 disc got cracked to hell,
                    so don't expect any demos for a while.


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                      Re: Update Topic

                      I'm sorry I haven't been updating in a while.

                      I've been a bit busy lately with school, life in general...

                      I'm just posting to say this, I'll try and bring another update very soon.

                      Again, I aplogize to those that actually watch this forum.

                      EDIT-I forgot, I got a new boot disc, so I can download files again.

                      If you want me to test your games, please drop me a PM.
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                        Re: Update Topic

                        Big news.

                        I've decided to make my game cel-shaded.

                        That's right.

                        Cel-Shade in RPGM2.

                        It's more of a semi-cel-shade though.

                        Also, Leon the Hero is being made in Cel-Shade as well.

                        I'll release some demos when I have time.


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                          Re: Update Topic

                          Cel-Shaded eh? Could ya be more specific?? I mean I know wha Cel-Shading is but not sure what ya mean by RPGM2 standards...
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                            Re: Update Topic

                            Basically, it's the overlapping of a model's shadow over itself, giving it a cel-shaded-esque look.
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                              Re: Update Topic

                              I know what it is, I just don't know what it's gunna be like RPGM2 style.
                              Everything is a Riemann sum of a lot of nothing.