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  • Pavilion Contest: Something New

    The newest Pavilion Contest is one that everyone can participate in, and if you aren't a seasoned pro with the software... all the better!

    In the Something New contest, you have four months and your choice of RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX to make a short, sweet game with a real "wow" factor. How you do that is entirely up to you.

    You can get a free, fully functional trial of either program here. (Be aware that the trial lasts 30 days, so if you know you're not going to purchase it, plan ahead so you can make the most of your trial period.)

    Dive into uncharted territory, try something you've never tried before, and see what you're capable of!

    The contest begins on July 31st, and ends on December 1st, 2011.

    I will give a full review to each game and score it based on five criteria (see "Scoring" below), with the most weight on fun and originality. The contestant with the highest-scoring game takes home the prizes!

    Have fun, play hard, and make something great.


    Contest Details:

    Each game will be scored on a 150-point scale:

    Fun: 50 points
    Simply put, is your game fun to play? Is each moment worth playing? I'm looking for exciting, deep, and most of all enjoyable gameplay. If you're using a battle system, have you made it fun and interesting? If your game has a story or characters, are they interesting and likeable?

    Originality: 40 points
    To score high here, your game should not only be different than most games out there, but it also needs to be different from any games you've released in the past, on any RPG Maker platform. Pushing the limits of the software will earn you lots of points here, so long as it adds to your game. Note: third-party scripts will not be judged for quality.

    Playability: 30 points
    Playability describes whether the game is smooth and user-friendly. If you include battles, are they balanced? If there's a lot of information for the player to keep track of, how accessible is that information? Is the control scheme natural or clunky?

    Aesthetics: 20 points
    Judging the visuals and music, as well as the overall artistic direction and ability to create a mood. This area is intentionally worth relatively few points, so you don't need to spend tons of time creating custom graphics and such. Note: third-party graphics/sound will not be judged for quality.

    Technical: 10 points
    Spelling and grammar, minor bugs, quality of in-game directions, and so on. Game-breaking bugs will cause additional penalties elsewhere.

    The winner will receive their choice of the following:
    • A fully paid, licensed version of RPG Maker VX (value: $60)
    • A fully paid, licensed version of RPG Maker XP (value: $30), plus a $25 gift card to any venue of your choice
    • A $50 gift card to any venue of your choice

    In the unlikely event that the winner scores a perfect 150 out of 150, the prize will be doubled! You can have any two of the above, or you can double up on any single item (and take, for example, two $50 gift cards).

    Additionally, the top three finishers will receive a Trophy or Badge on the Pavilion, as soon as we implement the system for it here.

    In the case there are fewer than four entrants, the prize will be linked directly to the quality of the winning game.

    Worked with XP/VX in the Past?
    If you've already released a game using either of these programs, you're welcome to enter this contest - but your entry needs to be significantly different from anything you've released in the past. This is the "Something New" contest, after all!

    Submitting your Game
    Packaging your game so others can play it is easy - there should be a "Compress Game Data" option on the file menu. It will produce an Application file; that is what I will need to play your game. It's completely up to you whether to encrypt your game, and it's also your choice whether or not to include the RTP in the file (unless you are using a custom RTP, in which case you must include it).

    If your game is 10MB or less, you can email it to me at - please title your email "Pavilion Contest Entry" or something similar. Private Message me here just to make sure I don't miss it. (It's possible this method will work up to 25MB so feel free to give it a try if your game is less than that size.)

    If your game is bigger than that, you'll need to use an online file sharing service. Wikipedia's partial list of online services can be found here. As many sites, such as Google docs, only accept certain file types, it might be smart to make your file into a .zip and post it that way. Please choose a hosting service with a reasonably high bandwidth limit and make sure it won't infect computers that visit the service. Additionally, Private Message me with the link to your game.

    In your Private Message or email, make sure to include a description of any third-party scripts, graphics, music, or other resources you used, as well as any other special instructions you feel I should know when I play your game.

    Will my game automatically be Publicly Available?
    If you don't want other people to download your game just yet, I'll respect that; simply let me know in your submission email/PM, and neither the game nor the link to the download will be shared.

    Unless you request otherwise, I will post the link to your game in the review, and if your game is small enough we will host it on the Pavilion.

    Multiple Entries
    You can submit up to three games for this Contest. Your highest-scoring game will be used in the Rankings; your other games will not be used in the Rankings but will still be given a full review.

    Your game may be any length, but if it is longer than three hours, I will only score it on what I see during that time. Every moment needs to count!


    RPG Maker XP and VX allow you to do almost anything you can dream of by giving you access to the code that runs the game. "Scripting" (modifying/creating code) is certainly allowed in this contest, but it is absolutely not necessary. Great games have been made on these platforms without ever touching the code.

    Third-Party Scripts and Graphics
    There are a lot of premade scripts out there, and you can use any of them you please in your entry. However, since it is not your original work, you need to clearly mark (in your submission) any scripts that you (or your team) did not create. The scripts will only count into the judging based on how well they fit into your game.

    Likewise, RPG Maker XP and VX allow you to import graphics, animations, music, and sound effects. You may use any resource so long as doing so does not violate copyright law. However, again, please clearly mark (in your submission) any resources that you or your team did not create, so I can avoid judging their quality in the Aestheics category.

    (Any graphics/music/other stuff that comes with the game, of course, is not considered third-party and you don't have to list it.)

    As clarification, third-party scripts and graphics will not be judged for quality, but they will be judged on whether they enhance--or clash with--the rest of your game. If you found a way to creatively and effectively use a third-party resource, this could help your originality, fun, or aesthetics scores. If your implementation feels clumsy or the third-party item feels dissonant with the rest of your efforts, it will cost you some points. Because it's hard to tell why a given bug occurs, any bugs introduced by third-party scripts may still count against you... so playtest carefully!

    Teaming Up
    Feel free to team up with other people for this contest! It's up to you how to divide the workload, and how to divide the grand prize, if you win it. Trophies/badges will be awarded to all team members.

    Make sure to mention all of your team members in the submission.

    Late Submissions
    Submissions that are just a few hours late are no problem. Submissions between December 2nd and December 8th will be accepted, but will incur a small penalty. Contact me beforehand if you think your submission will be late.

    How Badly Do You Want It? (VX Ace) is now available for download! - no outside software necessary.

    "I live and love in God's peculiar light." - Michelangelo

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    Re: Pavilion Contest: Something New

    Is it too late to enter this competition. I seem to be one of the few developers on this site that use rpg maker xp and vx.


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      Re: Pavilion Contest: Something New

      Originally posted by obsorber View Post
      Is it too late to enter this competition. I seem to be one of the few developers on this site that use rpg maker xp and vx.
      I'm really sorry, Obsorber, but the contest is already over, as the deadline passed and no one had submitted an entry. I should have officially announced that in the Main Forum thread.

      Additionally, I see you've uploaded Project Viral to other sites in 2010, so it wouldn't be eligible for the 'Something New' contest anyhow (one of the requirements being that the game wasn't publically available in any form at the start of the contest).

      It does look like a nifty XP game, though, and I'm glad you submitted it to the Pavilion!

      How Badly Do You Want It? (VX Ace) is now available for download! - no outside software necessary.

      "I live and love in God's peculiar light." - Michelangelo