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Most current contest rules?

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  • Most current contest rules?

    Hiya peoples.
    Just wondering if theres gonna be a more official post for the "Anything Goes" and "30hour RPG" contests?
    I've wanted to do some more work on em, but I wanna make sure I have everything in mind, since well, the 30 hour contest is timed, and if I somhow didn't do something within the rules, or, said rules guidelines give some extra limitations and thus forcing more creativity, I just don't want to have to start all over again :P


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    Re: Most current contest rules?

    Nope, the rules are very simple.

    the "Anything Goes" contest means just that. all RPG Makers can be used (RPGM1, 2, 3, XP, VX), any type of game can be made.

    and the "Speedy RPG" is limited to RPG Maker 1, and I'll check the timer on the system card. If it's less than 30 hours, it's a valid entry. it can be any type of game. but if it's even one minute over 30 hours, then it's disqualified.

    the "Speedy RPG" contest takes serious planning beforehand, to get the most out of the time you have.
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