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can you just enter a contest

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  • can you just enter a contest

    can you just enter a contest and not win anything or sign up

    i want to enter just to be reconized
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    Check out DoTB! Its OP.

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    Re: can you just enter a contest

    You don't have to "sign up" for a contest. Make a game that fits the contest criteria, and enter it in the submission forum (make sure it follows submission guidelines).

    The current "Anything Goes" contest allows absolutely anything made with all legal RPG Maker software, so that's an easy one to enter. It ends November 3rd, so you have plenty of time.


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      Re: can you just enter a contest

      I plan on entering the previous-current Pavilionite Biography contest without the intention of winning. For me, it's not recognition, but more community support and experimentation with form and function (hence the "deconstruction" in the title).

      Plus, after all the work Ryner and Wavelength are putting into their games, I'd almost hate that something I slapped together last minute is submitted next to those two games. That, and the wonders untold that Bon's Dorito Quest must surely contain.