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  • Most complicated field map

    Here's an Idea for a contest. Considering the field map is a 119 by 119 square, with 8 "colors" and a leveling-feature, what if there was a contest to make the most complicated and esoteric maps you can think of? Was this already done?
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    Re: Most complicated field map

    Ah that's a big 10-4, good buddy.

    It wasn't really a 'most complicated' map contest, but if a map was particularly complex and added to the beauty and/or interest of it (rather than making it feel overly cluttered), then that map would probably score highly.

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      Re: Most complicated field map

      I actually got an error from RPG Maker 3 once, telling me it could not save because the map (terrain) I designed was "too complex." Which of course does not bode well for this contest.

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