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Forums for projects that have been inactive for a long time get moved here. If you own one of these forums and want it moved back to the main listing, post an update to your project, and notify the staff.

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Anormia: Paradise Rising
Az *will* finish this game.
Topics: 20 Posts: 80
20 80
Games he makes
Topics: 4 Posts: 26
4 26
Avenging Coqui Games
Games by Guarionex
Topics: 12 Posts: 97
12 97
Rincar: My RM 1 project
Castle Umbra
Dusk Raven's roost and makeshift game studio.
Topics: 5 Posts: 40
5 40
Gustaff 13
Game-Making Issues (rant)
Cohliani's Kingdom
Games made by your king...
Topics: 3 Posts: 16
Last Post: My game.
3 16
Lord Cohliani
My game.
Dreamscape Studios
Where Hippies and Bohiemians Rule Everything
Topics: 5 Posts: 17
5 17
The Prince of Twilight
by 162
Fantasia Saga
JANK's SaGa Frontier spin-off
Topics: 6 Posts: 39
Last Post: SaGa Frontier
6 39
SaGa Frontier
by 1ce
Fearless Gaze Studio
FlamingMage's games and thoughts
Topics: 5 Posts: 26
5 26
Spore War and Ascent
by 1ce
First Fairy Tale
D13's own domain for RPGs
Topics: 4 Posts: 13
Last Post: Commander In Chief
4 13
Deeth Irteen
Commander In Chief
GM Productions
RPGDesigner's RPG Maker-related projects, beefs, and others.
Topics: 6 Posts: 150
6 150
The Ring Thing (Back in Action)
Great Dragon Gaming
Dragon-dreamer Draygone and his RPG Maker project news found within.
Topics: 16 Posts: 49
16 49
Gros Minou's Project
The game project from the cat
Topics: 4 Posts: 21
4 21
Gros Minou
Silent Hill project .
JPS Innovations
Creation Through Innovation
Topics: 14 Posts: 178
Last Post: Lords of the North
14 178
Lords of the North
by JPS
Moonlight Games
Enter sleepywolf's den!
Topics: 3 Posts: 33
Last Post: Chronicles Online
3 33
Chronicles Online
rpg maker plaza
simple man's game project forum.
Topics: 26 Posts: 855
26 855
necromancer slayer. revisited..
by 162
Sleepwalker studios
Quality games are only made with a lack of sleep.
Topics: 4 Posts: 27
Last Post: Solstice
4 27
Stoopid Projects
Hypocrisy in the making
Topics: 8 Posts: 93
8 93
I want to make a thing
by Duel
Story Of The Nine Spirits Progress Report
A forum for the story of the seven spirits. Please help.
Topics: 2 Posts: 5
2 5
story of the nine spirits:tricks
by Spirit
Super Pavilion Bash Forum
Get ready for the Bash!
Topics: 7 Posts: 24
Last Post: Help!
7 24
Eschaton Orochi
The Resistance
Muse's latest work
Topics: 3 Posts: 15
Last Post: Muse Concert
3 15
Muse Concert
The Robbotron Studios Forum
Bigfoot's RPG Maker 2 Projects.
Topics: 10 Posts: 53
10 53
Twitchy Penguin Studio
Check Reality
Topics: 14 Posts: 89
14 89
Big Rick Cook
Vick Bros. Games
Joining other such important brothers as: The Wright Bros., The Wayans Bros., and The Mario Bros.!
Topics: 11 Posts: 66
11 66
Couldn't Keep Away...