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  • Behold, 1ce has a youtube channel

    Well okay, I've always had a youtube channel. The difference is, now I'm uploading new content. Oftentimes myself or Wavelength will be like "Let's record this!", the other will agree and the video is made. This is turning out to be a really fun hobby.

    The newest video is part 1 of Wave and I playing through Hell's Dining Room, the game he submitted for Perversion's Minigame contest.

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    Now part 2 and 3 are up, so the whole Hell's Dining Room experience is available. I wish we could beat up rude customers in real life.


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      I love those sparks of creativity! I had the desire last night to make a pokemon gen 1 tier list, and so I did.

      And if you're feeling tl;dr, here's the final image link:
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