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I've been interested for a long time, but I'm finally actually here

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  • I've been interested for a long time, but I'm finally actually here

    Hello everyone, I'll start by telling you how I became interested in RPG Maker.

    I started with RPG Maker 1 and got it not long after it came out when a classmate in middle school let me look at the game manuals. I was so excited about its existence. Back then I had to have my grandpa find the store "Electronics Boutique" in order to find a copy. That was where my friend said he had purchased his copy. I played Gobli's Adventure and completed it by adding save points in each of the inns. I used the book graphic for it just like Alundra had. I messed around with starting to make games but never finished any.

    I ran across this forum years ago probably in 2006 or 2007 after trying to use RPG Maker 1 on ePSXe even though I've always had Playstation 1,2, and 3 systems that I could play it on. It was more of a feeling like "hey! look what I can do" and "how convenient!" I was really interested in downloading people's games and trying them but never got around to it. I think I did try someone's RPG Maker XP X-Men RPG, but that was it. I don't know if that one was even posted on here or if I found that on Google. At that time after playing X-Men Legends 1 & 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance I was itching to find more X-Men games including X-Men characters for the self-customizable fighting game MUGEN.

    I added RPG Maker 2 and 3 to my collection years ago but never really got into playing them due to the lack of a sample game like Gobli and just still felt more attached to 1.

    I finally remembered this site a couple years ago and unfortunately caught it during the downtime so my intentions of downloading all the finished games were put on pause. Tonight I finally downloaded all the complete RPG Maker 1,2, and 3 games so I can explore them someday.

    I enjoy RPGs and adventure games in general quite a bit though so it may be a little while before I actually set these up to play them. I currently have active files on all the main Pokemon games and Dragon Warrior III for NES. I'm also almost done with Neutopia for TurboGrafx-16 but think I'm going to need to look up a walkthrough to get into level 8. I play my RPGs with walkthroughs and take no shame in it. It's usually fun to read the writers' funny commentary about situations in the story, except in bad walkthroughs where they tell you what to do in the wrong order (do this, but not before doing that) or completely forget to tell you which direction to walk in a trap filled dungeon or maze.

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    Welcome to the Pav!
    Hope you have fun with playing the RM games. There are some really good ones out there.

    I am making my own RM1 myself game too.
    It's actually been a lot of fun. So, that's the tool I'd recommend if you ever want to make your own game


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      Welcome to the RPG Maker Pavilion! ^w^

      I first got into the RPG Maker series when my dad showed me RPG Maker/RPG Tsukuru 3 (PS1) on his PSP when I was 6 or 7 (kind of difficult to remember). Around the time I was 10, that was when I really started to get interested in the RPG Maker series. Currently, my favorite RPG Maker is RPG Maker FES/RPG Tsukuru FES on the 3DS. It's not the most advanced RPG Maker but it's a pretty good software.
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        Welcome aboard!