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RPG Maker Pavilion
Information on the RPG Maker Pavilion website.

I'm having problems registering.
Due to some idiots with proxies playing around, we now require e-mail verification, and administrator approval for all new accounts. so it may take a day for your account to be approved for posting.

Pavilion Forum
Information on the RPG Maker Pavilion forum.

What is "reputation"?
Reputation points allow you to see how other members feel about your posts. The 10 most recent points are displayed in your control panel. To give points, click the scale icon under a user's name and then select either a positive or negative point, you may also include a comment.

Users may give out 5 points of reputation per day, 1 point per person. after five points, the counter resets and you can give the same person another point if you wish. Administrators give points in increments of 5, and have no daily limits.

Under a user's name, an icon from RPG Maker 1 is displayed depending on their current reputation points. Gobli (from the RPG Maker 1 sample game) denotes a positive position, and the grim reaper denotes a negative position. Both these icons have mouse-over comments depending on the number of points. Another icon is added for every 100 points.

I was banned!
Cool. You'll recieve an e-mail notice informing you how long your ban is for, if you provided an e-mail address on your profile. if you didnt, we will not contact you via AIM or any other means. if you think you were banned for the wrong reason, e-mail one of the staff.

Is it okay to send every single question/request I have to Valkysas in a Private Message?
NO. STOP DOING THAT. We have two forums for that. Site info and suggestions, where you can give us ideas and find out about important things, and then the Tech support forum for forum-related problems. It's okay to PM the staff about matters that should be kept private, but for anything else, you will probably be ignored.

What happens if I register just to harass the forum?
All sorts of things. The administrators may alter your account information, username, avatar, title and signature. Also know that if you register an account just to harass people here, we may publicly reveal your e-mail address and even IP address.

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