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What is the RPG Maker Pavilion?
The RPG Maker Pavilion is an officially supported "fan-site" that was created so people could share their console RPG Maker creations. We have the largest amount of RPG Maker downloads on the internet, and the largest user-base. Our goal is simply to provide an easy way for people to share their creations, as well as a way for people to talk and help each other get the most out of each installment. Currently, we support RPG Maker 1, RPG Maker 2, and RPG Maker 3.

Who created the RPG Maker Pavilion?
Erik Novak (kire) created the RPG Maker Pavilion in the summer of 2000. because of his busy schedule, he has passed control over the site to several people over the years. Although the pavilion may change hands again in the future, make no mistake about who owns it.

What do you mean by "officially supported"?
Although the Pavilion started out as a fan-site, Agetec's Mark Johnson gave it the title of the "Official US RPG Maker site" just a few weeks after RPG Maker 1's release. This has resulted in us getting RPG Maker news and screenshots before any of the major video game news sites, early copies of new software to harvest for information to share with you, and being directly linked from rpgmaker.agetec.com. We also use the forums as a way to gather ideas for future RPG Maker installments - we send the best ideas straight to agetec and enterbrain.

How do I download RPG Maker games?
First, you'll need a few things. You'll need a PS1/PS2, a copy of the proper RPG Maker software, and a file transfer device. The pavilion supports the Dex Drive for RPG Maker 1 files, and the Shark Port, X Port, and Max Drive for RPG Maker 2 and RPG Maker 3 files. After downloading the game you wish to play, follow the instructions included with your file transfer device to export the save to your memory card.

Because of the 3 different devices supported for the PlayStation 2, the file you download may not be compatible with the device you own. If this is the case, head over to the "Tools" section and download the conversion software to change the file type to the one you can use.

How do I submit my RPG Maker game to the RPG Maker Pavilion?
After registering on our forums, you can go into the Submissions forum, and then select the proper forum for the RPG Maker software that your game was made with, and if it is a demo of a game you are currently creating, or a finished game. Create a new topic with the game's name as the title, and then add some text describing your game, since people rarely play a game that they dont know anything about. After that, scroll down to the attachment manager. Using this, you can select the game on your computer and upload it to the site. Every Saturday, the submission forum is cleared, and every game that was in it is added to the on-site directory. Make sure your file is zipped before you submit it.

Why don't you support the PC RPG Makers?
Several reasons, the major one being that the most popular ones (RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003) are illegal. They were pirated shortly after their japanese release, which never gave enterbrain a chance to bring them to the US. We don't tolerate software piracy at all.

As for the legal PC RPG Makers, you are free to talk about them, but keep in mind that we are dedicated to agetec's RPG Maker releases and thus we won't host games for them... except for special occasions.

What if I want my game removed from the site?
You'll have to let the staff know. In most cases we will gladly remove a game from the site, but if it's part of our records-like contest results, we may keep it online regardless.

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