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  1. Main Plot - edited March 2nd, 2011
  2. progress report
  3. want to be in my game? post here
  4. high council new names needed (bad guys)
  5. map of my world, arcaina
  6. multi resources
  7. castlevania sprite finished (whip plus medusa head)
  8. whats my position in the game?
  9. need help with a mini game, plus vids and pics of my game
  10. new unrelated sprite
  11. made a princess peach sprite
  12. broke through an impass
  13. u is for update - warning, perversion wall of text ahead
  14. another mini game is dead
  15. thoughts of a game designer
  16. pictures and videos of new gameplay
  17. added a new system to my game
  18. the fleshing of a mini game - eep!
  19. revamping the game engine
  20. magic, item, skill, s-skill help
  21. pavi contest game design
  22. work on crystal shores resumes!
  23. help me find equipment names!
  24. musings of a game designer
  25. Technology, Culture, Time - an essay into the boundaries of human limitation
  26. card 3 is released!
  27. progress on card 4 - plus new sprites
  28. feedback
  29. next sprite project
  30. about my demo
  31. first 2012 update